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About Good Spirits Distillery & CLEAR10 Vodka

CLEAR10 Vodka History

CLEAR10 Vodka is the vision of three Midwest friends who decided local grains and naturally-filtered water were the perfect recipe for nature's clear libation. Our background in farming, mixology, chemistry and 50 combined years consuming quality (and not so quality) vodka has provided us with an extremely fastidious palate and a knack for crafting amazing vodka.

As the makers of CLEAR10, we set out on a mission to show the world what the Midwest is all about. We wanted to utilize the fresh, quality ingredients that this region has to offer. CLEAR10 is crafted in Olathe, Kansas and currently sold in a 4 state region consisting of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas.

The difference between our vodka and the mass producers is CLEAR. CLEAR10 vodka follows a meticulous process to create a product free of additives. CLEAR10 Vodka has no preservatives, no added sugar, no citric acid and it is gluten free. It is distilled using a 5-column distillation process, then crafted in small batches and filtered ten times that has resulted in one of the most decorated vodkas in the world. The description of the process sounds appealing, but tasting the crisp, refreshing flavor is the only thing that does it justice. This process takes CLEAR10 to another level unlike any other vodka around, delivering vodka with an exceptionally fresh, clean taste; one that you won’t want to miss.

CLEAR10 was conceived in 2008 and launched in 2009. Since the launch, CLEAR10 has since expanded and been awarded many highly prestigious awards for its additive-free, uncommonly clean vodka. Over the last several years, CLEAR10 has been awarded a Gold Medal for taste at the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards, The Fifty Best, the Beverage Tasting Institute, a rating which was categorized as exceptional, and possibly the most impressive, a Gold Medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. CLEAR10 may be crafted locally, but it’s awarded globally.

In 2012, an addition was made to the CLEAR10 family when Dizzy Three was born from the collaboration of another locally crafted liquid. Dizzy Three consists of the original CLEAR10 recipe infused with the bold flavor of espresso from local Kansas City premium coffee company, The Roasterie. Dizzy Three made a grand entrance into the market with espresso flavored vodka creating an exciting new taste and landing a Gold Medal on The Fifty Best list for flavored vodka in its first year.


Community Involvement

Born and raised in the Midwest, we take a lot of pride in what this part of the country has to offer. Giving back to the community that has contributed greatly to our success is an important part of the CLEAR10 vision. The unpredictable and devastating diseases that affect the world daily are hard to comprehend and don’t slow down because of the economy. We want to do our part to contribute in whatever way possible to improve, prevent and eliminate these difficult diseases. We do everything we can to volunteer on boards to raise funds for the local children’s hospital, support local charities and sponsor events to raise money to help numerous organizations that pour their hearts and souls in trying to alleviate the anguish and heartache that affects so many lives.


We hope you enjoy drinking CLEAR10 Vodka & Dizzy Three as much as we enjoy crafting it.


2012 MicroLiquor Gold Spirit Award
Beverage Tasting Institute Gold 2012
SanFrancisco Spirits Competition 2012 Gold Medal
The Fifty Best Best Flavored vodka 2012 Gold Medal

Good Spirits Distilling, LLC.