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DizzyThree Vodka

Dizzy Three

Dizzy Three is yet another way the three friends at Good Spirits Distilling were able to showcase the quality products of the Midwest. The award-winning recipe of Dizzy Three is made up of the crisp taste of CLEAR10 vodka infused with espresso from local, specialty coffee company, The Roasterie. The combination of two amazing flavors makes for a bold, interesting new spirit that you’re sure to love.

Making its entrance into the beverage market in 2012, Dizzy Three captured a Gold Medal from The Fifty Best list for flavored vodka in its first year. The success and overall popularity of Dizzy Three stems from the quality ingredients and craftmaship that Good Spirits and The Roasterie put into every product they produce, a true local libation collaboration.

Use this adventurous, unique vodka to enhance drinks such as a Mudslide or Mochachino Martini. Try adding to your favorite cake recipe for delicious, coffee-infused dessert. For some amazing drink recipes using Dizzy Three, click here.


How to Make a Merry Mule

This is easy, fizzy, tasty and jolly. Be good to yourself, your friends and your family this holiday season and drink the delicious stuff. Clear10 Vodka. Happy Holidays! #DrinkResponsibly #DontDrinkAndDrive


2012 MicroLiquor Gold Spirit Award
Beverage Tasting Institute Gold 2012
SanFrancisco Spirits Competition 2012 Gold Medal
The Fifty Best Best Flavored vodka 2012 Gold Medal

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