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Gluten Free Baby!

Tuesday, June 11 2013 2:24 PM

Are we Gluten Free?

You bet your small intestine that we are gluten free.  It took us several years to really understand why gluten was such a concern for so many people.  With Coeliac's Disease growing to the rate that effects 1 in 105 people in the US, we understand the concern about whether or not CLEAR10 vodka is gluten free.  Here are a few points to set your small intestine at ease...

  1. CLEAR10 vodka is distilled from 100% yellow #2 corn (if you are wondering if it is GMO, let's save that for another day soon).
  2. If a minuscule piece of wheat somehow found its way into our corn, we cook it and distill to 192 proof (96%).  There is little chance that nasty little gluten could make its way through our distillation process.
  3. We filter our vodka 10 times through 0.2 micron activated coconut carbon.

If that irritable little gluten somehow made it through all of that, we beat it down so hard it has nothing left that could cause your abdomen any discomfort.  So, rest easy when you're mixing your CLEAR10 vodka cocktails, knowing that we are doing everything in our power to ease the discomfort of small intestines in not only your beautiful body but bodies all over the world.

Drink with a CLEAR10 conscience,

Ron Bailey Founder, Good Spirits Distilling LLC 785.423.5169

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